MSc theses

If you are interested to do an MSc thesis with me, please contact me. You can choose any of the currently available topics listed on the SERG web site, or propose one that I can supervise, based on my research interests.

Master students


  • Niels van Kaam (Aug 2017): State preservation for streaming data processing.
  • Elvan Kula (Feb 2018): Investigating qualitative and quantitative success factors for Rapid Releases at ING
  • Wouter van der Zwan (May 2018): Unified Call graphs for Java/Maven


Done, old or obsolete thesis topics


I occasionally give tutorials, mostly to fellow researchers. Here are the latest ones:


At the TU Delft


  • TI2736B (BSc, Minor): Big data processing (2017, 2018)
  • IN4334 (MSc): Software Analytics (2018)


  • TI3110TU (Minor): Algorithms and Data Structures (2017, Lecture notes sources)
  • EWI3615TU (Minor): 5EC project (2017)
  • TI1206 (Minor): Object-Oriented Programming, taught with Andy Zaidman
  • IN4189 (MSc): Software Re-Engineering, taught with Andy Zaidman (2013 and 2014)
  • IN4389 (MSc): Reactive Programming, taught by Erik Meijer (2013)
  • IN4355 (MSc): Functional Programming, taught by Erik Meijer (2012, 2013)

At the Radboud University Nijmegen

  • NWI-IBI001 (BSc): Software Engineering (2016)
  • NWI-IMC052 (MSc): Software Development in Start-ups (2015)
  • NWI-IMC035 (MSc): Software analysis: I did an introduction to software repository mining (2015).

At the Athens University of Economics and Business