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Georgios Gousios
TU Delft EWI / ST
Building 28
Room W4.560
van Mourik Broekmanweg 6
2628 XE, Delft
the Netherlands

+31 (0) 15 278 5546
g.gousios @ tudelft.nl

Welcome to my home page!

I am assistant professor of software engineering at the Software Engineering Research Group group, TU Delft, leading the group's Software Analytics research direction. I do research in the broad area of software engineering. I am teaching Big Data Processing at the BSc level and Software Analytics at the MSc level. I am also speaking and blogging.

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Current Projects

I am hiring! Are you a motivated PhD student, postdoc or scientific programmer that would like to work with me on topics ranging from static analysis to machine learning for software engineering? Then, let's talk!

Looking for a master's thesis topic? Look here!

  • FASTEN: Making software ecosystems robust by making package management more intelligent.
  • CodeFeedr: Developing next-gen software analytics platforms.
  • AI4Fintech: Making large software-based organizations more efficient. Leader of the software analytics track.
  • GHTorrent: Making the Github REST API queriable.


I have the pleasure of working with the following people:


  • Ayushi Rastogi (Jul 2018), working on developer productivity (also with Arie van Deursen).


  • Joseph Hejderup (Feb 2017): Dependency management and static analysis
  • Elvan Kula (May 2019): Software process optimization, also at ING
  • Mehdi Keshani (May 2019): Dependency management and static analysis
  • Amir Mir (Oct 2019): Dependency management and machine learning



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